Course Design : Developing Programs and Materials for Language Learning

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Course Design : Developing Programs and Materials for Language Learning Folio, spol.s r.o.
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Autor: Dubin Fraida
Nakladatel: Folio, spol.s r.o.
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Kniha pro učitele se zaměřuje na plánování výuky v rámci současných teorií jazykového vzdělávání Popis: Recognizing that teachers are often involved in planning and developing courses as part of their responsibilities, the authors of this book have set out to describe the factors which must be considered in constructing courses and materials. They cover: the fact-finding stage, establishing realistic goals, surveying existing programmes, realizing goals through instructional plans, selecting the shape of the syllabus, and considerations involved in constructing communicative curricula and syllabuses. All of these aspects are considered against current theories of language learning. Examples of different types of materials are discussed, and the process of creating materials is described as the link between the syllabus and the audience. The book ends with a survey of the practical issues involved in organizing writing projects. The book is intended for teachers (and teachers in training) who may be involved in course planning and materials development either on a larger scale, or simply within their own institution. Contents: Thanks; Introduction; 1. The fact-finding stage: assessing societal factors; 2. The basis for curriculum and syllabus designing; 3. How goals become realized through instructional plans; 4. A curriculum developed on communicative goals; 5. The scope of a communicative syllabus; 6. Focusing on language content in a communicative syllabus; 7. Focusing on process: materials that deal with sociocultural appropriateness; 8. Focusing on product: materials that deal with the reading skill; 9. Creating materials: the links between syllabus and audience; Epilogue; Cumulative bibliography; Acknowledgements; Index.

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