Crossing Cultures Teacher´s Guide

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Crossing Cultures Teacher´s Guide
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Autor: Borsbey Janet, Swan Ruth
EAN: 9788853610867
Počet stran: 96
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datum vydání: 2007-01-01
Typ: Knihy - paperback
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Datum uvedení: 01.01.2007
Gain an insight into the English-speaking world and learn about the cultural and social changes of recent years. Consolidate language skills and develop them as students successfully activate real communicative skills while making solid grammatical progress in preparation for formal examinations.

Student´s Book + 2 Audio CD-ROMs
The course is divided into 10 blocks of 5 lessons which gradually become more and more complex.
Topics covered include: In and Out of School, People and Daily Life, Sport and Leisure, National Identity and Our World. Two extra sections are found at the end of each block; The Chill Zone consists of two pages with fun activities to revise the topics covered in the block, and Working with Texts allows students to practise reading skills and the ability to write summaries. Finally, the ESW Files give students the opportunity to learn about the physical geography and politics of the countries which make up the English-speaking world. A Wordlist and Glossary are found at the back of the volume.
Audio CD-ROM contains recordings of all texts and is ideal for use at home. The activities aim to develop the Working with Texts and ESW Files. Also included are 5 extra tests with comprehension exercises related to the topics covered in the student´s book. Writing skills are encouraged via questionnaires and composing summaries on the computer. Interactive activities based on maps and images allow students to revise their geographical and cultural knowledge of English-speaking countries.

Teacher´s Guide
Presents the language and communication aims for each lesson, instructions on how to carry out lessons, extra cultural information and vocabulary, an answer key, transcripts, ideas for extra activities and revision, alternative short lesson plans, extra or cross-curricular links, tests and detailed information on how to use suggested websites.

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