Veronica Decides To Die

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Veronica Decides To Die HarperCollins Polska sp. z o. o.
Veronica Decides To Die HarperCollins Polska sp. z o. o. Veronica Decides To Die HarperCollins Polska sp. z o. o.
Nakladatel:HarperCollins Polska sp. z o. o.
Cena s DPH : 171,- Kč
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Sleva celkem:13 %
Původní cena s DPH:197,- Kč
Dostupnost:Poslední kusy
Autor: Coelho Paulo
Nakladatel: HarperCollins Polska sp. z o. o.
EAN: 9780007103461
ISBN: 978-0-00-710346-1
Počet stran: 213
Typ: Paperback
Vydání: 1
Rozměr: 177x111x14
Hmotnost: 0.125
Datum uvedení: 21.08.2000
The new novel from internationally acclaimed author Paulo Coelho - a dramatic story of love, life and death that shows us all why every second of our existence is a choice we all make between living and dying. Veronika has everything she could wish for. She is young and pretty, has plenty of boyfriends, a steady job, a loving family. Yet she is not happy; something is lacking in her life, and one morning she decides to die. She takes an overdose of sleeping pills, only to wake up some time later in the local hospital. There she is told that her heart is damaged and she has only a few days to live. The story follows Veronika through these intense days as to her surprise she finds herself experiencing feelings she has never really felt before. Against all odds she finds herself falling in love and even wanting to live again...

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