The New York Times: 36 Hours World: 150 Cities from Abu Dhabi to Zurich

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The New York Times: 36 Hours World: 150 Cities from Abu Dhabi to Zurich Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
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Globe-trotters rejoice! This updated volume gathers the creme de la creme from The New York Times travel series. The Times’s renowned writers curate 150 bite-sized itineraries into an A–Z showcase of the world’s most captivating cities, from Barcelona to Bogotá, New Delhi to New Orleans—with 26 new stories including Amman and Nairobi.
Weekend trips to any city, from Sao Paulo to Seoul to Sydney, can often be daunting, with too much to do and too little time. Enter 36 Hours World, a roundup of 150 cities across six continents, each tailored for a memorable and feasible 36-hour stay. Gathered from the eponymous New York Times column, this updated edition is dedicated entirely to cities: capital, coastal, cosmopolitan, and everything in between, with 26 new stories not published in previous volumes. The Times’s contributors are your guides—foreign correspondents, travel writers, food writers, and photojournalists—who bring together insider knowledge and in-depth research, providing fresh insight to even the most frequently visited metropolises. Whether it’s a comedy club in downtown Chicago, a long-tail boat tour on Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River, or a cable car ride up to Dubrovnik’s Mount Srd, the must-know facts and inspiration can all be found in this A-to-Z collection of urban adventures. 150 international cities Practical recommendations for nearly 600 restaurants and 350 hotels A thumb index for quick navigation and ribbon to bookmark your next adventure More than 800 photos Detailed city-by-city maps that pinpoint every stop on your itinerary All stories have been updated and adapted by Barbara Ireland, a veteran Times travel editor
The editor
Barbara Ireland, a writer and editor based in upstate New York, is a former deputy Travel editor and deputy Op-Ed page editor at The New York Times. While on the Times staff, she commissioned and edited many travel articles and wrote a few herself. She is a graduate of Cornell University and was a John S. Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University.

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