How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia

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How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
Nakladatel:Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
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Autor: Hamid Mohsin
Nakladatel: Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
EAN: 9780241146040
ISBN: 978-0-241-14604-0
Počet stran: 229
Typ: Paperback
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Rozměr: 180x110x20
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This book is a self-help book. Its objective, as it says on the cover, is to show you how to get filthy rich in rising Asia. And to do that it has to find you, huddled, shivering, on the packed earth under your mother's cot one cold, dewy morning. Your anguish is the anguish of a boy whose chocolate has been thrown away, whose remote controls are out of batteries, whose scooter is busted, whose new sneakers have been stolen. This is all the more remarkable since you've never in your life seen any of these things ...

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