Great Shark Hunt

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Great Shark Hunt Bohemian Ventures, spol. s r.o.
Nakladatel:Bohemian Ventures, spol. s r.o.
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Dostupnost:U dodavatele
Autor: Thompson Hunter S.
Nakladatel: Bohemian Ventures, spol. s r.o.
EAN: 9780330510776
ISBN: 978-0-330-51077-6
Počet stran: 624
Typ: Paperback
Vydání: 1
Rozměr: 198x130x35
Hmotnost: 0.428
Datum uvedení: 07.05.2010
`Well . . .yes, and here we go again' Dr Hunter S. Thompson

Indeed we do. Here, in one chunky volume, is the best of gonzo. From Private Thompson in trouble with the air force, to the devastating portrait of the ageing Muhammad Ali. Taking in the Kentucky Derby, Freak Power in the Rockies, Nixon in '68, McGovern in '72, Fear and Loathing at the Watergate, Jimmy Carter and the Great Leap of Faith - and much more. An indispensable compendium of decadence, depravity and horse-sense.

`Hunter Thompson elicits the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victoria's funeral' William F. Buckley

`No other reporter reveals how much we have to fear and loathe, yet does it so hilariously. Now that the dust of the sixties has settled, his hallucinated vision strikes one as having been the sanest' Nelson Algren

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