The Fish Who Could Wish

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Autor: Bush John
Nakladatel: MEGABOOKS CZ, spol. s r. o.
EAN: 9780192727138
Počet stran: 32
Typ: Paperback
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Rozměr: xx
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Datum uvedení: 02.06.2015
Deep in the ocean lives a fish whose wishes come true! He wishes for all sorts of crazy things - a castle, a car, and even fine clothes to wear. But he is a rather foolish fish and one day he wishes to be just like all the other fish . . . perhaps this will be the one wish he wishes he never wished!

The rhythmical text is great to read aloud and Korky Paul's illustrations take to you to a crazy underwater world. With its neat punch line, this is a book that children will just love to hear (and join in with) over and over again.

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