Level 2: Stranger Than Fiction Urban Myths Book and MP3 Pack

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Level 2: Stranger Than Fiction Urban Myths Book and MP3 Pack Edu-Ksiazka Sp. S.o.o.
Nakladatel:Edu-Ksiazka Sp. S.o.o.
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Dostupnost:20 - 30ks
Autor: Healey Phil
Nakladatel: Edu-Ksiazka Sp. S.o.o.
EAN: 9781408285190
ISBN: 978-1-4082-8519-0
Počet stran: 48
timestamp: 29159080781
Typ: Knihy - paperback
Vydání: 1
Rozměr: 198x129x3
Hmotnost: 0.077
Datum uvedení: 18.10.2012
Contemporary / British EnglishA man fell from a very tall building. Why didn’t he die? Why did a dead woman have a frozen chicken under her hat? What fell out of an old man’s ear, and why did everybody laugh? And how did a cow fly? Find the answers in these strange stories.

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