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Objective Proficiency: SB Folio, spol.s r.o.
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Příprava na zkoušku Certificate of Proficiency in English. Popis:Objective Proficiency:This course contains 20 short, manageable units providing a wide range of challenging topics and offering lively yet systematic preparation for the Proficiency exam. Ten lessons focus on the Paper 3 summary task, building up appropriate skills gradually. Authentic language examples taken from the Cambridge International Corpus illustrate a wide range of real English usage. The course is written by experienced examiners who have an in-depth knowledge of the Proficiency exam, and contains material informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus which shows typical mistakes and areas of difficulty for candidates at Proficiency level.Objective Proficiency Student´s BookContents:Unit 1. Ring the changes; Exam folder 1.; Unit 2. Expectation; Writing folder 1. Part 1 Letter; Unit 3. Strange behaviour; Exam folder 2.; Unit 4. Sweet rituals; Writing folder 2. Part 2 Review; Units 1-4 Revision.; Unit 5. The consumer society; Exam folder 3.; Unit 6. The sound of music; Writing folder 3. Part 1 Essay; Unit 7. Vision on; Exam folder 4.; Unit 8. Urban jungle?; Writing folder 4. Part 2 Proposal; Units 5-8 Revision.; Unit 9. Fitting in; Exam folder 5.; Unit 10. Globalisation; Writing folder 5. Part 1 Article; Unit 11. For better for worse; Exam folder 6.; Unit 12. At the cutting edge; Writing folder 6. Part 2 Report; Unit 9-12 Revision.; Unit 13. Save the planet; Exam folder 7.; Unit 14. Get fit, live longer!; Writing folder 7. Part 1 Proposal; Unit 15. The daily grind; Exam folder 8.; Unit 16. Hidden nuances; Writing folder 8. Part 2 Set text question; Units 13-16 Revision.; Unit 17. Defining happiness; Exam folder 9.; Unit 18. On freedom; Writing folder 9. Part 1 Essay; Unit 19. The unexplained; Exam folder 10; Unit 20. A sense of humour; Writing folder 10. Part 2 articles and letters; Units 17-20 Revision.; Grammar folder

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