Robinson (anglicky)

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Robinson (anglicky) Folio, spol.s r.o.
Nakladatel:Folio, spol.s r.o.
Cena s DPH : 399,- Kč
DPH:10 %
Dostupnost:U dodavatele
Autor: Sís Petr
Nakladatel: Folio, spol.s r.o.
EAN: 9780500651599
ISBN: 978-0-500-65159-9
Počet stran: 48
timestamp: 29221303510
Typ: Knihy - vázané
Vydání: 1
Rozměr: 306x259x14
Hmotnost: 0.63
Datum uvedení: 22.02.2018
A boy who loves adventure.

A mysterious ocean journey.

A remote island wilderness.

Discover what surprises await in this beautiful dreamlike exploration of courage and loneliness, independence and friendship.

Lush, transporting paintings float from reality to fantasy and back again as Peter Sís blends a true story from his childhood with the fictional adventure of Robinson Crusoe to create a moving, magical picture book that readers will want to return to again and again.

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