The Collected Short Stories

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The Collected Short Stories Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
Nakladatel:Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
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Autor: Fitzgerald Francis Scott
Nakladatel: Nakladatelství SLOVART s. r. o.
EAN: 9780141183572
Počet stran: 592
timestamp: 28486576624
Typ: Knihy - paperback
Vydání: 1
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Hmotnost: 0
Datum uvedení: 28.09.2000
Encompassing the very best of F. Scott Fitzgerald's short fiction, this collection spans his career, from the early stories of the glittering Jazz Age, through the lost hopes of the thirties, to the last, twilight decade of his life. It brings together his most famous stories, including 'The Diamond as Big as the Ritz', a fairy tale of unlimited wealth; the sad and hilarious stories of Hollywood hack Pat Hobby; and 'The Lost Decade', written in Fitzgerald's last years.

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