The Lean Sensei

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The Lean Sensei
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Autor: Chartier Nicolas, Coignet Pascale, Olivencia Sandrine
EAN: 9781934109571
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datum vydání: 2019-04-15
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Datum uvedení: 15.04.2019
What is a lean sensei and what exactly do they do?

That is the key question at the heart of this important new book sharing the secret of Lean thinking, which Dan Jones calls "the alternative business model for our age." Jones explains that "behind all the tools for operational excellence and the different management system needed to support their use, lies a much deeper challenge: to develop the human potential of everyone to create a culture of accelerating continuous improvement to meet today's changing circumstances. Learning is at the heart of lean."

The Lean Sensei provides both a conceptual and hands-on toolkit for developing lean leaders-and becoming one yourself. It will challenge you to reflect on how you coach; share mindful questions that improve your awareness of what to look for; and keep both you and your students focused on the signs, symptoms, and syndromes that can slow your lean success.

This book, written by six lean pioneers who have experienced and followed the path of the Sensei, shares a radical vision of how to flourish with this approach. They argue that Lean is a system of gaining competitiveness by continuously developing people, and as such, sensei play a vital role in helping others deepen their thinking every day. To be effective in transforming processes and the people who operate within them, any sensei "must first learn to transform yourself," they write.

"No one can do lean for you. It is up to you. But you will also need a Sensei to help you discover new ways of seeing and acting, and to help everyone learn to adapt to a rapidly changing world. These lean pioneers discovered what Senseis really do. Learn from them before you search for your own Sensei." - Daniel T. Jones, co-author of The Machine That Changed The World, Lean Thinking, Lean Solutions and The Lean Strategy.

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