Yazoo Global Level 4 Active Teach

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Yazoo Global Level 4 Active Teach Edu-Ksiazka Sp. S.o.o.
Nakladatel:Edu-Ksiazka Sp. S.o.o.
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Autor: Perrett Jeanne
Nakladatel: Edu-Ksiazka Sp. S.o.o.
EAN: 9781408233429
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Datum uvedení: 03.11.2011
Active Teach A digital version of the paper book - a rich, multimedia experience that will keep students motivated. Uploaded to a computer, it provides a digital version of all of the pages in the Pupil's Book. Students can zoom text, pictures and exercises, and access the class audio programme. For the student: *Active Teach motivates and promotes learner engagement outside class. It provides consolidation and extension activities at the click of a button. For the teacher: *Active Teach provides an easy-to-use, digital resource and presentation tool for teachers in the classroom. Preparation time is reduced and simplified with easy access to pupil's book pages, classroom audio, and printable Teacher resources- all together in one place on your computer. Designed for use on a computer, it provides full functionality as a teaching tool on an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB). Even without an IWB, teachers can still project the pages onto a wall and zoom in on the pictures and text. All teachers need is a computer and a projector.

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